Control your stress and anxiety: EidynWell online course review

I was kindly gifted the ‘control your stress and anxiety’ online course by EidynWell. I have now completed the course over a 4 week period and wanted to share my experience of it with you. I must be clear that whilst this course was gifted to me, I have completed the full course and now all opinions on this are my own.

Being aware of our stress and anxiety is so important to our wellbeing. Stress can unexpectedly arise upon us at any moment in our lives, whether in work or home life.

Triggers can be anything from financial, change to your environment, or time pressures for example. Everyone will have their own triggers and it’s important to pinpoint these as they could all lead to stress and anxiety if not managed. The great thing is the EidynWell controlling your stress and anxiety course really helps with methods to help identify and tackle these head on, as well as explaining that some stress can be beneficial for you if your outlook on it is processed in the right way.

So I think it’s important to spread the awareness of these online courses which can help to identify the triggers for you and how to combat them on a personal basis. In turn this can help to reduce anxiety and stress in the workplace, at home (which during this lockdown is so important), and support overall mental health.


Modern day life impacts our stress levels

When you reflect on your life, you’ll know there are different activities that can impact our levels of stress.

Some examples of these triggers can be:

  • Family deaths
  • Moving house
  • Financial concerns / job losses
  • Getting married
  • Divorce or separation
  • Injury’s or illnesses
  • Traumatic event
  • Work related pressures
  • Social related pressures
  • Family changes

We will all deal with these scenario’s differently, and so what affects one person significantly might not at all to another person. Understanding when an issue is building up into something larger for you is important as it can lead to a host of mental and physical health related concerns if not dealt with. This is where stress and anxiety management really comes into play.


Why did I need to take a stress and anxiety course?

I have to be honest, I’ve never taken any course like this before. I haven’t really known they were available if I’m totally truthful, but now I’ve completed one I do think they are so worthwhile and more people should know how accessible they are.

There are certain stress points that I have faced that I wanted to talk about. I’m hoping that if someone is in a similar situation to me, that you may relate and know that taking this course will help to identify what you should do in your situation and how to take measures to combatting it. It’s not a quick fix by any means, but by working on yourself in this way you will be on the road to reducing your stress or anxiety.

1. Returning back to work after a year off on maternity leave

Right now I’m still on maternity leave and about to go back to work in July. It’s a really strange time – you’ve been off work just talking baby babble for a whole year and suddenly launched back into work where you have to be back on your game. It’s also the worry about leaving my son for long days at nursery, which when they’ve been by your side for a whole year is a tough change to make.

This course has really made me change and adapt my mindset. I need to think positively about the outcomes of this change.

  1. My son will benefit so much from nursery both socially and academically
  2. Going back to work will ease our financial situation
  3. My interaction will colleagues will give me back my social circles
  4. I can continue to learn which I love doing and being challenged in what I do

Thinking negatively about returning to work ultimately is not helping anybody – it’s something that I have to do and I know I absolutely love where I work so there is no need for me to be apprehensive. Yes I’ve been out of the industry for a year but it doesn’t take long to pick up projects and learn what has happened in the year I’ve been off so I need to embrace these changes. And that is exactly what I am doing thanks to the EidynWell course really flipping this on its head for me and making me realise this.


2. Past work pressures

Another stress point in my life that was particularly noticeable for me, was during a working environment in London where I was at the very start in my marketing career working in a social media agency for large brands. I ended up with a client who felt they needed to ring up a lot out of hours (…and on Christmas Day!), and suddenly demanding large changes of which being on a day when no one worked was highly inconvenient and stressful in itself to find a solution!

When you’re in your infancy in your career these moments when you don’t yet have the confidence to push back just can be very overwhelming – I just wish I had access to a course like this control stress and anxiety one at the time so I could have managed certain situations much better. The stress this caused was phenomenal, leading to lack of sleep, acne and other severe skin conditions as a result. As you grow in your career I think you learn how to deal with different situations better, but having the tools to change your behaviour, lifestyle and thoughts would have been so beneficial at the time.

It’s something I really think companies should be investing more into to ensure there is the support there for employees who suddenly find themselves in these situations. As no matter where you work, they do happen in different ways.


3. Moving house

The other major stress point I’ve come across is when we’ve moved house. I’ve now done this twice, once moving from a rented flat into our first home. And second, more recently, moving into our upsized home with a 3 month old baby and 1 year old dog!

All the back and forth with solicitors, moving vans, storage warehouses and so on is really a very stressful experience to go through, and whilst you can’t get rid of these elements when moving house, what you can do is change the way you view your situation and use the practices to manage how you deal with each scenario.

For me, it’s also important to think about ways in which can reduce your immediate stress. A lot of that is in the planning and organisation around moving house. These are some tips that helped me in my last move:

  • Financial planning to ensure you don’t have any severe money worries and everything is affordable on a monthly basis
  • Spreadsheets / calendars to input due dates for different elements of the move so you can be sure you’ve got all the information written down and don’t need to worry about missing something important
  • Packing early – just one box at a time rather than thinking about the whole house. This is something Professional Organiser, Sarah Owen spoke about in a recent interview with her – it’s definitely worth a read in finding some more tips that could work for you particularly in regards to packing / unpacking once you’ve moved too.


Some of my learning’s from this course

This EidynWell online course has really helped me to understand that I really can’t control multiple complexities and other people around me.

The only thing I can control is me – my thoughts, actions, environment and behaviours. In doing so I can begin to think more positively about a range of scenarios and through this begin to control my stress and anxiety.

Some areas that I need to continue to work on are:

  • Ensuring I eat a balanced healthy diet as this can massively affect my overall mood
  • Increasing my fitness levels as this can play a part in my overall behaviour – there are many benefits to walking each day for example that it’s important to be aware of.
  • Continue to challenge my mindset and the way I look at different scenarios
  • Accept I can only control me and that’s okay
  • Continue to work on my positive outlook on life and avoid negativity as much as possible

What is included in the control your stress and anxiety course?

The EidynWell course is recommended to do over a 4 week period. You could easily skip through it all quickly, but in order to actually benefit from it you really need to take in the literature provided and then most importantly, apply it to your life for it to really become a huge benefit to tackling how you manage your stress and anxiety moving forward. Even if you don’t face stress or anxiety right now, this course can help to identify what those triggers could be so if it should come up at any point, you’ll know how to deal with it and face it head on.

EidynWell course outline:

  • Week 1: Foundations
    You’ll learn about the differences between worry, stress and anxiety; along with the impact it can have on you if you don’t face it head on.
  • Week 2 & 3: Controlling your thoughts and body
    In the middle two weeks, you’ll learn how to control your stress and anxiety through a number of different methods.
  • Week 4: Controlling your behaviour and lifestyle
    Finally in week 4, it is all about how you can control your behaviour and lifestyle through a number of principle practices that can really help throughout your life in various scenarios as you moved forward.

Can I take this EidynWell course?

This course is available to everyone and is accessible online too, which means no matter where you are, help is here. Federica who runs the course is really communicative and after the course offers 1-2-1’s and other courses to help depending on your situation.

The control your stress and anxiety course that I did costs £89 and you can find out more about it here.

*This course was gifted to me by EidynWell but all opinions in this post are my own.

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