Top Sustainable Gifts for Father’s Day 2020

Father’s Day this year in the UK is on Sunday 21st June 2020, and with the current Coronavirus pandemic, I feel we need to get a little more creative on what to get our Dad’s or father figures in our lives.

So this year I’ll be looking for gifts that are caring for the environment, not going to do any harm and are actually going to be used by my Dad too aka. no pointless gifting! Here’s some of the items I’ve got my eye on (and let’s hope he doesn’t read this blog post!!)

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1. Campfire gin gift set

One I’ve found out about recently is this cute gin distillery in Tring, Hertfordshire. As they are so local to us, a while back I ordered a Campfire gin set to try the gins ourselves. The gin tastes great, the bottles are so adorable – this set would definitely make a great gift for my dad!

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2. Eco shaving set

Plastic razors are really bad for the environment as we go through many in our lifetime. Treat your Dad to a new shaving set and instead of a shaving foam can, opt for a shaving soap bar instead. There’s something quite luxury about these products from Parapura means you can buy them in one place and they come packaged in a beautiful box that is fully recyclable. If you’re shopping on Parapura then use the code BG10 to receive 10% off your order (please note this is an affiliate code).

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3. Online courses

Perhaps your Dad has always wanted to learn something new – like a new language, some DIY or photography perhaps? Buyagift have lots of online courses to choose from and they can be gifted as an e-voucher, meaning it is a super easy way to gift presents this Father’s Day and avoid needing to go to places like the post office to send your gift.


4. Unusual chutney’s and sauces

Rubbies in the Rubble have some unbelievably tasting sauces and condiments that are not only delicious but are also helping to reduce food waste too. So through buying these products you are helping this big sustainability issue. The one I’d personally recommend is their banana ketchup, and you can read my full review on the product here to find out more about it. But you just have to trust me… it’s delicious! Get a range of condiments, perhaps he’s a cheese lover so may like some chutney’s too, and they’ll go down a storm!


5. Pasta making kits for the chefs-wanna be’s!

If your Dad is keen in the kitchen then a pasta kit could be the perfect present. These ones from Cooking & Carafes based in Hertfordshire are brilliantly made and all packaged up beautifully in environmentally-friendly packaging. Even better they come with a recipe card so get the ingredients in and make some pasta together this Father’s Day! Trust us, it tastes so much more delicious homemade! If you’re looking for a recipe then we tried out Cooking & Carafe’s spinach and ricotta ravioli – see how it worked out here.


6. Beauty Kube shampoo & bodywash for men

This is a good one if your Dad is regularly travelling or on business. These Beauty Kubes I really rate – they are brilliant and smell incredible. It’s a great way to introduce your dad to more plastic-free products to help the environment too! 


7. Recycled hockey stick BBQ set

Yes you read the title correctly! I love this product – when hockey sticks come to the end of their use, this company recycle them and make them into BBQ sets – perfect for your dad this Father’s day!


8. Letterbox gifts

If you want to send your Dad something from afar, then a letterbox gift might be a great option this Father’s Day. The Letter Box Gifts company provide gorgeously presented flat pack boxes that feature chocolates, whisky tasting to flattened bottles of wine! So whatever your Dad is into, there is sure to be a box for him. Best of all you don’t need to worry if he’ll be home or not to receive it as these boxes fit through standard size letterboxes. Perfect!

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9. Wooden ‘Dad’ photo frames

Wooden photo frames are gorgeous in the home, but when they’ve got things like ‘I love my daddy’ engraved on them, I think they make the best gifts from younger children. You can find loads of varieties on Etsy or online outlets with various engraved messages on, with some being more personalised than others depending on what you’re looking for and how close you order to Father’s Day! The frame below you can find here.


10. Edible homemade gifts

If you have a stash of empty glass jars or containers, then you could make your Dad a Father’s Day treat this year. After this lockdown aren’t we all much better at baking or making jams than we were before? You could put homemade treats and a nice bow round them as a special touch and then enjoy them together! Here’s a great recipe for a banana cake if that’s your thing.


11. Plants or seeds for the garden

If your Dad is more the green-fingered type, then some plants or seeds for the garden could make the perfect gift. Especially this year with us spending more time this summer in our gardens. I really love the plants from Plants On The Porch, which is a new Hertfordshire based company. They are able to make gorgeous planters for you or also sell individual plants. Brilliantly they home deliver around Hertfordshire or can send the plants via courier around the UK. 

plants on the porch

So what will you be getting Dad this Father’s Day? We’d love to hear your ideas and we hope whether celebrating from near or afar that you enjoy this Father’s Day.

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