Smol laundry capsules: plastic-free, smell great and are sent to you in the post!

Laundry day… love it or hate it, it’s got to be done! I’ve recently been looking at ways to go a little bit more eco-friendly in the clothes washing department, but as a busy mum I need the products I use to actually work. Luckily I have come across Smol products which offer laundry capsules and dishwasher tablets sent to you through the post and best of all, they are completely plastic free.

Cardboard child-lock packaging

When you go down a supermarket aisle shopping for laundry products, one thing I notice is that there is plastic everywhere. There aren’t any options to buy plastic-free capsules and that are in plastic-free packaging as of yet.

Smol products are sent to you in the post in a letterbox sized cardboard box. There’s no plastic in sight. The great thing is, Smol have thought about these boxes landing in our homes and so have made a child-lock on the packaging. Trust me it works! I had to read the instructions on the box to open the box and get hold of the capsules, so there’s no issues at all with children getting into these.

Alcohol-based capsules

Compared with your traditional capsules from well-known laundry brands like Persil, Fairy, Bold or Ariel, the Smol capsules are alcohol-based and not containing plastic, which means they completely dissolve in the wash.

In fact when I asked Smol over Instagram what the capsules were made of, they said; “they are polyvinyl alcohol which is fully biodegradable”. This means there is no residue whatsoever left in your wash and no plastic to block up your pipes. I wash my clothes on the lowest temperature on my washing machine which is 30 degrees, and I haven’t had a problem with residue, whereas with other capsules in the past I have had bits of the capsule left on the clothes at times where they haven’t fully dissolved.

A concentrated liquid in the capsule

Smol laundry capsules have a more concentrated liquid. They’ve found a way to use lower levels of chemicals without impacting performance. Whilst there are some chemicals in these Smol capsules, I am happy that they have lowered the levels compared to what I was using.

I have tried some other non-chemical laundry products such as the eco laundry detergent sheets, but I just found they didn’t actually clean the clothes. Being a busy mum I just need my clothes to be washed properly as I don’t have time to be putting them in again or soaking in white vinegar before putting a wash on. My son who is currently 9 months is in weaning, and of course food goes everywhere on a daily basis – I’d have to soak all of his clothes in large volumes of vinegar – it’s just not feasible for me at this stage in our lives as a young family. So whilst Smol isn’t the most sustainable option out there admittedly due to its use of low level chemicals, for me and my family this is the best change we’ve been able to make without compromising on performance. It significantly lowers our plastic use in this area and without Smol I’d be back using the traditional laundry capsules as I was before.

Fresh smelling clothes

On every use with Smol capsules I’ve noticed a fresh smell when I open the washing machine. Smol do use ethically sourced essential oils in their capsules to make sure your clothes do smell great but without being overbearing. I think they’ve got the balance spot on personally.

A monthly online subscription

I don’t know about you, but I don’t always think about buying my next lot of laundry products – I suddenly go to do a load and realise I’m on my last capsule or god forbid, have ran out completely. With Smol you are signing up to a monthly subscription. So first of all to sign up it will ask you how often on average you do your clothes washing so it can calculate approximately how many tablets you need a month. Then it sends that out to you each month so that you never again get into that situation where you have to run out to the shops to buy more.

The great thing is your subscription is all managed online, so if at any point you need your washing tablets sent early or delayed then this is all possible. Similarly you can amend the amount you order and type. They currently supply bio and non-bio laundry capsules as well as dishwasher tablets too.

A small cost saving

As Smol are essentially cutting out the middle man of a supermarket or re-seller, then they are able to offer these tablets at a cheaper price. You need to work out how much your previous laundry detergent was costing by the capsule and then you can figure out the difference.

Smol capsules come in a pack of 24 capsules costing £4.50. So they cost 19p per capsule.

So for me, I was using Bold capsules which at the price I paid were costing 21p per capsule, so I am saving 2p per capsule. It doesn’t sound a lot but per pack that’s a saving of 54p. Say I buy one pack a month, then over a year that’s a £6.48 saving. It’s not a huge difference, but when the product is as effective and way better for the environment, then I question why I would go back to traditional laundry detergents.

Try the samples first

I didn’t go full steam ahead into the Smol products – first I tried their samples which you can sign up to on their website. Be prepared though as you’re signing up to the monthly subscription at this stage. So if you try the product and find it’s not for you – you need to make sure you cancel your subscription. However this can be done very easily over email and Smol are very prompt at replying back to emails and social media so there shouldn’t be any issues.

If you want more info, head over to the Smol website – there’s load of questions answered on their FAQ page also worth checking out.

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