Grove Fruits to the rescue! Our weekly fruit and veg delivery box

I have been wanting to reduce my use of plastic in my weekly food shop and fruit and vegetables is the obvious place to start with that. I know big supermarket chains are offering more and more fruit and vegetables without the plastic wrapping, which is a brilliant step in the right direction; but I wanted to make sure I am also shopping more locally and supporting smaller businesses where possible too.

A big applause to Grove Fruits

Grove Fruits are well known for supplying the fruit and veg at the weekly St Albans markets. So they are a central part to this community that we just can’t see go under. You can find them on Facebook or Instagram as @grovefruits. With Covid-19 the market just wasn’t possible due to safety concerns, so to maintain their business they launched their delivery service to St Albans and nearby areas. It was a brilliant quick reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic that is working out really well for their business from what I’ve seen.

I have to say though, I have utter most admiration for them – I just don’t know how they do it! The Grove Fruit team go to the markets at 4am to get all the fresh fruits and vegetables for the day ahead, and then also do hundreds of deliveries each week to the local community. Just incredible!

Benefits of a weekly fruit and veg box

So what are the benefits to getting a weekly fruit and vegetable box? If you can’t get your hands on one now, it’s definitely worth keeping them in mind for when this pandemic ends. I think this has definitely changed how we shop as a family, and these weekly fruit and veg deliveries are something I hope to keep going forever more.

Eating healthier & a vitamin boost!

Knowing you’ve got another big batch of fruit and veggies coming, it makes you really eat much more healthily. As a family we aren’t vegan or veggie, but we are making a conscious effort to eat less meat in an effort to be a bit more sustainable in this area of our lives.

The good thing is at the moment we all need a good immunity boost to fight off any infections if god forbid we do get this virus. So eating plenty of vitamin C and everything else that is in the fruits and vegetables is only a good thing.

Try new foods

It may sound silly but there are certain foods I would never have previously bought in a supermarket – a Hispi cabbage for one! Whilst Grove Fruits do give us a basic list as to what will be in the box, there have been a few occasions now where those fruits or veggies weren’t available and so Grove Fruits have had to pick out other foods. I have to say I’ve looked getting random ingredients in – the element of surprise is great and then having to plan meals with your new ingredients. We aren’t really a fussy family so it works well for us!

Supporting a local business

It is more important than ever to support our local businesses. There are a lot of small local businesses struggling, and so to maintain our communities we need to support each other. I am super keen to make sure we are doing our bit as a household in every way that we can. It’s worth noting I have mentioned to Grove Fruits that if they get enquiries about more vulnerable people needing the veg boxes in our area then I’d happily offer our weekly slot up to them, but it isn’t a situation that has come up as yet and so in the meantime I’m happy to continue supporting Grove Fruits.

Fresh and tasty foods

The fruit and vegetables have all been really fresh and tasty. Everything seems to last a good while, nothing has been off or anything wrong with it. It’s just nice to receive such fresh produce.

Less packaging

Finally the packaging is of course significantly reduced. No longer are apples packaged in a plastic wrapping containing just 4 apples but instead are free, all put together amongst the other fruits and vegetables. Guidance on Covid-19 suggests we should of course still be eating fruits and vegetables at this time but just make sure you wash your produce well, which we are doing before eating.

To be honest I can’t believe we haven’t got weekly boxes before – so one thing this Covid-19 pandemic has taught us it to change the way we shop. It is probably the wake up call we needed to make significant changes to our household.

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