Go banana’s for Rubies in the Rubble banana ketchup!

I came across Rubies in the Rubble on Instagram and I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have found them! I have fallen in love with their banana ketchup and I just have to tell you about it as I really think more people should give it a try.

What do I think of the banana ketchup?

I know this is the question you want answering first! I LOVE it! Okay so admittedly you need to like banana’s to enjoy this ketchup as it obviously does taste of banana – clue in the name! But what I wasn’t expecting was it to also have a chilli kick to it. I thought it would be sweeter than it is with the banana in it – but no, it goes really great with savoury foods. It cost £3.50 and I bought this direct from Rubies in the Rubble but have since learnt that are actual stocked in a number of shops and also many restaurants and deli’s also use this sauce on their menus.

What do you eat this ketchup with?

My favourite combination is banana ketchup with falafel. We buy those Gosh falafel balls quite a lot – they are a quick and easy dinner, go great with salad or veggies and are helping us to reduce the meat in our weekly diets.

I also love it with sweet potato fries or roasted veggies as a bit of a dip. It will be fantastic for this summer when we can have plenty of BBQs. Rubies in the Rubble also say it goes great with chickpea curry – now that’s one to add to the list to try!

What are the ingredients in the banana ketchup?

Reading from the bottle here, the ingredients are…

  • 64% banana
  • Sugar
  • Barley
  • Malt vinegar
  • Ginger
  • Water
  • Turmeric
  • Salt
  • Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)
  • Garlic
  • Chilli

As it is made from natural banana’s Rubies in the Rubble does advise that the colour per bottle may vary due to this.

So what’s so great about Rubies in the Rubble?

Rubies in the Rubble was set up by Jenny in 2012, when she started learning more about our food waste problem in the UK. Living in London at the time, she saw produce from New Covent Garden market being chucked out because the fruit and vegetables didn’t look a certain shape or colour – not that there was anything wrong with it.

From there Jenny started experimenting with different recipes, ingredients and textures and fast-forward to today, Rubies in the Rubble is seen as one of the brands voicing food sustainability and has won various awards for their ketchups, plant-based mayo’s and relishes.

Helping our food waste issue

One of the most crucial things you should know about Rubies in the Rubble is that they rescue fruit and veggies that would be chucked because supermarkets won’t accept them due to them looking a little bit different – whether that be because of their shape, size or colour. In the case of bananas it could be that they are over-ripe, too big, too small, have funny coloured blemishes on them or just too wonky. Crazy isn’t it – especially as with a banana you peel the skin off and so you would have thought banana’s would be one of the products least affected by this issue. But, no.

A third of the food produced globally goes to waste – it’s just mental to think that and so sad that good quality foods are getting rejected by big supermarkets just because they don’t think their customers will buy the products.

For me, if we don’t educate people now, then this food waste is set to continue. It’s time we did something about this issue! So by buying Rubies in the Rubble products we are really helping this issue instead of buying other condiments that aren’t as sustainable and ethical as this brand. It’s definitely worth thinking about before you pick up your next sauce!

Would I buy the banana ketchup again?

Absolutely – in fact I already have! A couple of days ago I actually ordered another banana ketchup along with a tomato ketchup for us to try for the first time and also a plant-based chilli mayo. I can’t wait for them to arrive so I can try more of their sauces!

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