Choosing a cot with longevity: Shnuggle Air cot review

When looking for a cot, for us it was important to find one that lasted a while, which is why we finally went for the Shnuggle Air bedside crib that converts into a large cot lasting until a child is around 2 years of age. This way, you’re reducing the need to buy more than one cot, and can go on to buying a small bed thereafter.

When researching a year ago, a lot of the options were either a moses basket, SnuzPod or Chicco Next2Me, but these didn’t seem to last longer than 6 months, which for me seemed like such a waste of money for something that the baby would barely be in. The Shnuggle Air was not very well known about when I bought it, so having now used it for 9 months with my son I wanted to spread the word as have been so pleased with it to date. It is still in great condition and can definitely see us keeping it in case we have another baby down the line.

Benefits of the Snuggle Air bedside crib

Attaches to your bed for the newborn days

This Shnuggle Air cot is brilliant as it can attach to your bed. So when your newborn baby is tiny, you can have them safely next to you in the early days. There is a zip that you can take down when attached to the bed so you have your baby right next to you, for ease of feeding, popping down once they’re asleep and helping to settle during the night. Equally the cot works fine not attached to your bed as long as the zip is up on the cot, so you have the flexibility depending on your preferences.

Mesh sides for breathability and to watch your baby

In the early days I found myself watching my son to check he was breathing through the night. So the mesh sides definitely helped me to stay calm and reduce this anxiety. It’s very easy to see through the mesh and the added breathability of the sides gives you peace of mind.

A breathable mattress

The mattress for the crib is apparently 50% more breathable than standard foam mattresses. It is made from hypoallergenic fibres and is quite thick for a baby’s mattress. The size of the mattress is 83cm x 50cm x 3cm, which also means whilst you can buy Shnuggle Air specific cot bedding, many other cot sheets online do fit this also.

A stylish curved design that is made to last

Unlike some of the cots I had seen, the Snuggle Air is slightly curved so it really looks nice in your room. After-all it is going to be in your room for 6 months and then you’ll have it for 2 years in total. So as it’s a longer-term investment, you want a product that will look good. This ticks those boxes.

It is very sturdy in design too – which means equally it is quite heavy, but for me I wasn’t planning on moving the cot around much so it works well for us and is of a high quality so it will stand the test of time.

Handy storage whilst it’s a bedside crib

Before it converts into a larger cot at the 6 month mark, there is a handy material shelf that sits under the crib. When the cot is next to you bed, it’s super handy to keep spare muslins, spare clothes or bed sheets so you have them at hand during the night. One thing that shocked me was the amount of ‘stuff’ babies actually need, so for me the more storage you can get, the better!

Easy height adjustment

The cot easily adjusts in height so you can make it the same height as your bed with ease. There are seven height settings, so it fits most bed heights within 43-64cm. However, if you have a bed with a wider frame you need to check its compatibility.

Perfect for babies with colic or reflux

A lot of babies can get a bit of colic or reflux when they are younger. Our son had an issue with slight reflux and so we were advised to tilt the cot so his head was slightly raised. This Shnuggle Air has this functionality built into the cot so you’re able to do this easily should you need to. Of course when you’re buying a cot you never know if your baby will get colic or reflux, so for me it was a bit of peace of mind when pregnant, but ended up that this feature came in very handy for us.

If your baby gets a heavy cold, it can also help to tilt their cot in this instance – so this cot just has you covered in case of these eventualities.

Helps your baby transition to the larger cot

We personally didn’t have any sleep issues going from the smaller crib to the larger cot or when my son went into his own room. So I do think that the fact it is the same cot does help – they are used to their surroundings and cot smell which massively helps.

Converting the crib to a larger cot

You need to buy the conversion kit and larger mattress to make it into a larger cot from 6 months. This will then last your baby until around 2 years of age when they can go into a toddler bed.

Is the conversion kit easy to do?

It wasn’t difficult to convert the crib into the larger cot – you do have to take apart from crib and then put it together again using the conversion kit to enlarge the cot. But there were easy instructions that my hubby followed and took him only about 1 hour to do.

How long will the larger cot last for?

Shnuggle Air say the larger cot will last until your baby is around 2 years old or a maximum height of 89cm when they could start to climb out of the cot.

Mesh sides for peace of mind when they’re on the move

I do like that it has the mesh sides so my son when trying to sit up or stand up on his own, doesn’t risk banging his head in any way. No doubt he will start trying to walk in it also and I’d be so worried with him in a cot with hard wooden sides – so for me this definitely puts those worries at bay.

Is this cot cost-effective?

I believe it is, but you need to do your own research to see what is right for you. In terms of costs, the cot cost £199.95. On top of this we had to buy the conversion kit (£109.95) and larger cot mattress (£50). So all in, this Shnuggle Air cot will cost you £359.90.

I bought it from John Lewis but it is now available from more stockists and of course there may be some good deals on this also now. I haven’t come across them yet but of course it’s always worth checking if there are any available second hand on places like Facebook Marketplace. If so just make sure you buy a new mattress as it is recommended.

How have I found this cot overall?

As you can see I really don’t have many negatives around this cot. I think it has been a great purchase and I am really glad it will last us 2 years. I just didn’t like the thought of buying a cot that would only last for 6 months – just something about this doesn’t sit well with me. The cot is made well, looks great in my sons nursery and he seems to find comfort in the mesh sides. So for me this has been a great purchase!

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