Fetch.It compostable dog poo bags review

It’s not what everyone wants to talk about, but I believe it’s one us dog owners need to really think about. I have recently been trying the Fetch.It compostable dog poo bags and believe they are a brilliant alternative to the plastic varieties. I previously wasn’t aware of the options out there for dog owners, but now I’ve found a great eco-alternative I think it’s worth shouting about!

Dog owners responsibility

As a fellow dog owner it is our responsibility to make sure we’re picking up after our dogs and disposing of their poop in the right way. That’s just what you sign up to when you get a dog! I have a Miniature Schnauzer called Winston, who is now 1.5 years. He is of course our official dog reviewer and has quite the sassy personality too – he lets us know if there’s something he doesn’t like!

Before I found out about compostable dog poo bags I was using plastic dog bags. Whilst I was cleaning up after my dog, what I wasn’t doing was caring for the environment. We go through anywhere between 2 and 5 dog poo bags per day – it all adds up and is a lot of plastic. That then gets disposed of in the usual waste and ends up in landfill. Plastic takes hundreds of years to break down and so through using plastic bags for dog poo we are just adding to an even bigger problem.

Dog poo bag alternatives

Having started this eco-journey, I actually found Fetch.It through Instagram. Instagram has been a great source of knowledge for me to find new products that I otherwise didn’t know existed.

I’ve learnt that there are other alternatives to plastic dog poo bags and these come as biodegradable or compostable bags.

  • Biodegradable – whilst biodegradable products will disintegrate over time (usually decades), what they break down into is smaller pieces of plastic fragments known as microplastics. They are a better version that plastic of course but compostable is a better option for the environment.
  • Compostable – these products are fully made up of non-toxic organic matter and so will decompose fully to form a nutrient rich soil, which will form part of your compost that you can use within the garden.

This is why after a lot of research and going back and forth at looking at different poo bags, I’ve decided to only buy compostable dog poo bags going forward due to the amount we go through per day it is the better option for us and the planet.

Fetch.It compostable dog bags

Fetch.It are big believers in earth friendly products and so made fully compostable dog poo bags. Their products are made with cornstarch (no plastics in sight!) and certified to the highest European standards EN 13432.

Although I don’t as of yet have a home composter, these bags are suitable for home composting. Fetch.It say their bags will take approximately 12 weeks to degrade depending on the conditions of your home composter. And it may take longer in winter months where the weather is cooler.

Eco-friendly packaging

You’ll see the Fetch.It poo bags even have writing on them, which is also eco-friendly. This is because the ink they use is soy based. What is more, all their packaging is recyclable too – there really isn’t anything bad to say about the way they package these bags up. The cardboard is made from recycled cardboard. Plus they come in lovely blue and green colours, which brighten up your dog walks for sure!

Tried and tested Fetch.It bags

I have tried and tested these dog poo bags to make sure they do actually work well for us dog owners. I find that in the pet industry there are many claims and products that don’t work as well as they say. However, Fetch.It is not one of those brands – these dog poo bags work a treat!

  • They rip off the roll easily which is important when you’re on your walk and have your hands full
  • The material is strong and hasn’t ripped or split for me at all. Fetch.It also say their bags are leak proof – I haven’t tested this out thank goodness so I’ll just take their word on this point!
  • They come with or without tie handle options. The blue bags which are my personal favourite have the handles. The handles are quite long so easy to tie up, whereas the green bags come without handles. I find this is a personal preference.
  • The bags are larger than average so suitable for all types of dogs out there. We only have a medium sized dog, but we’ve had no problems with the size of the bags.

How do you dispose of compostable dog poo bags?

Firstly if you have a home composter then in the right conditions, these poo bags will decompose in approximately 12 weeks.

However, as I don’t yet have a home composter then it comes down to your council as to how you should dispose of them. When out on a walk we always put dog poo bags in the dog poo bins that are clearly labelled.

If at home then for us unfortunately our council doesn’t accept animal waste and therefore ours need to go in the normal rubbish that will go to landfill. However different councils vary so definitely check out yours online – for mine there was an A-Z type of recycle list so it was very clear. However, with the fact you are using a compostable bag, in landfill this will decompose fairly quickly and you’re not adding to the plastic issue.

Would I buy Fetch.It bags again?

Absolutely – they are a brilliant company and support a lot of charities also. I think the products work fantastically and I really have nothing bad to say about them. I really believe in their products and hope more dog owners will follow suit as compostable dog poo bags really are the way forward!

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