An interview with My Little Changes: Act on the climate crisis today

Having recently met Rebecca Jane, behind the blog My Little Changes on Instagram, I thought it would be nice to have a chat to find out more about her passions, motivations and where she is planning on going with her new blog. I’m certainly inspired with her sustainable changes she has made so far and she has plenty of tips to get you started on the road to sustainable living too. Take a read below.

1.    Firstly congratulations on graduating with an Animal Behaviour degree this year! What do you hope to do with it in the future?

Thank you! In the future I would like to be a drug detection dog handler, but it would be a full time job, so while my little one is still young I will hopefully find a part time job relevant to animals and conservation. In terms of my blog and social media I will be educating the public on how specific animals are directly affected by humans and climate change.

2.    So, what made you set up your blog and social media accounts?

I first set it up to document my journey and I am learning so much! I am becoming much more passionate and involved in educating and activism the more I learn. I am happy I can also bring an eliminate of my degree into it too.

3.    I love the name of your blog “My Little Changes”. Do you think you can really make a difference in the world through it?

Yes! You can do anything you put your mind to, if you work hard enough. Although my name is My Little Changes, it stands for a lot more. If each and every one of us implemented and stuck with several little changes, it would equal to a huge global effort to reduce the climate crisis. I hope that the changes I make for our planet and animals will inspire others to do the same.

4.    What are the sustainable changes you’ve made so far?

Before really delving into sustainability I had already cut the use of paper towels to cloth kitchen towels. I was using cloth fruit and veg bags for loose produce at the supermarket. I also don’t buy or eat meat, I’ve been vegetarian now for nearly 4 years.

I have since started using cloth nappies for my son, switched to a menstrual cup and I now buy plastic free, recycled toilet roll from Who Gives a Crap. I am also trying to completely stop buying from fast fashion brands and buy second hand instead. Another swap I have made is using bamboo toothbrushes.

I will soon be switching to a shampoo bar and changing over to environmentally friendly cleaning products. There are so many changes that can be done and that I will be doing, but sustainability is a lifestyle and one that takes time. I am in the process of reducing the plastic products in my house, so when I need to buy new I will make the switch.

5.    I see you’re using cloth nappies. It’s not something I have explored yet with my son. Were you not scared with the poo-explosions?!

Firstly I encourage you to make the switch, like, right now. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be and if I was to have another child I would go full time cloth. No, haha, I was not scared of poo explosions and if it did happen all you need to do is rinse the nappy (and the child) and wash it in your next nappy wash (they don’t smell). It will save you loads of money too!

6.    If you could recommend your top 3 products you’ve tried so far, what would they be?

There is some trial and error involved with finding what works for you, so I won’t recommend specific products. I would recommend avoiding plastic wrapped toilet and kitchen paper, switch to reusable items (menstrual care, coffee cups etc.) and find alternatives to plastic (loose, glass, metal).

7.    Have you had any eco disasters yet?

No I haven’t, like I said there is a lot of trial and error (don’t let this put you off though). It’s just finding what works for you, just like everything else.

8.    For anyone starting out wanting to live a more sustainable lifestyle – where would you recommend they start?

Reduce. Just reduce what plastic you own and go from there. Most people pick a room, normally the bathroom because it has the most waste. You could also start by making small habits in the way you food shop, to buy loose, only buy what you need and reduce the meat you buy.

9.    So what’s next for your blog? Do you have any areas you’re going to look at specifically?

There are lots of posts coming including tips and swaps to a more sustainable lifestyle and facts about our current crisis. I will also be incorporating my background in animal behaviour – how the environmental changes are effecting a range of species.

Make sure you go and subscribe to my blog and follow me on social media so you don’t miss out!

10. Finally, how would you inspire someone to start on their sustainable journey – any words of wisdom?

I heard today that we only have 10 to 12 years to reduce our carbon emissions to stop the climate crisis and reduce global warming. If we don’t there will only be one fate for our planet (a planet that our children and grandchildren will depend on), and it isn’t a positive fate. We only have now to take action.


Thank you so much Rebecca Jane for taking the time to chat with me. That last point you mentioned about having 10-12 years to reduce our carbon emissions to stop the climate crisis is really quite worrying. The more little steps everyone can take really will make a massive global impact. I hope everyone reading will make a few small changes so together we can start to make some big changes. I also wish you all the success with your blog and future career. Catch you on Instagram soon, and stay safe.

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