Eco Warrior orange and ginger essential oil shampoo bar review

The panic buying at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, meant I had to buy the Eco Warrior shampoo bar as there was no other shampoo left in my local Sainsbury’s. But, what a favour all those panic buyers did for me! I am so pleased to have tried a shampoo bar and this Eco Warrior one in orange and ginger essential oils smells divine.

Having used it now for a good couple of months, I thought I’d do a review on the shampoo bar as I am thrilled with the product and think it’s a brilliant sustainable swap and is great for your purse strings too!

Goodbye single-use plastics! A fresh smelling shampoo that’s sustainable

What’s not to love about orange and ginger essential oils? When you open the biodegradable paper wrapper you are hit with the gorgeous smell of the shampoo bar. It’s made up of 89% naturally derived ingredients, with pink clay that cleanses and moisturises whilst the essential oils stimulate the scalp and revitalise the hair.

Changing from a single-use bottle of shampoo to this shampoo bar has been an easy sustainable switch, which is not just brilliant for the environment but also for my hair too. I find my hair is way less greasy as the ingredients aren’t stripping your hair of their natural oils, but also my hair is left more volumised, soft, clean, light and shiny.

Benefits of swapping to a shampoo bar

There are many benefits to swapping to a shampoo bar, but some of the top reasons for me would be:

  • Using a natural product is better for your hair – for me it has made my hair less greasy and a much better condition. It is soft, light and much more volumised.
  • You therefore don’t need to wash your hair as often which saves on the amount of time you spend in the shower, therefore saving precious water.
  • It’s cost effective! A shampoo bar costs £4.50 but will last for months.
  • They smell amazing because of their natural ingredients.
  • Last of all of course they are eliminating your use of single-use plastic bottles and therefore saving the environment! It is a win-win!

How to use a shampoo bar

To use I firstly wet my hair and the Eco Warrior shampoo bar. Then as I’ve got mid-length hair I am able to rub the bar onto the ends of my hair, using the palm of my hand to hold the hair to enable me to really create a good lather. Once I’ve got a good lather I then move the lather up and give my scalp a good wash, before rinsing off. Easy as that!

Should you use conditioner after?

I think this is a personal preference. For me, I like the ends of my hair to be a little softer so I do use a conditioner bar after shampooing with this bar. I currently am using the Juliet Rose conditioner bar – it is the first one I’ve used and am happy with it. As of writing this post, I don’t believe it is a product that Eco Warrior sell currently.

Does it work as well as shampoo?

Yes it really does – if not better! Once on the shampoo lathers REALLY well, it’s just like a normal shampoo once you put the bar down. The brilliant thing about Eco Warrior is that they do have that nice foamy texture to the product in the lather, which helps first-time shampoo bar users get used to the idea as it is so close to shampoo.

In terms of how well the shampoo works, I have been finding since switching my hair is WAY less greasy. I actually can’t believe it – I used to have to wash my hair every day without fail as my hair would be so greasy. But since switching to natural products I’ve found I’m not washing my hair every 3 days (so 2 days a week), which I think is really good.

Are shampoo bars more expensive than regular shampoo?

Not at all! I found this Eco Warrior shampoo bar in my local Sainsbury’s within the shampoo section, but it was on the very top shelf. It cost me £4.50 for a bar and having used the shampoo regularly now for 2 months, I know the bar is probably going to last me another two or more months. I have quite thin hair so don’t have to use a lot of shampoo, so this of course may vary depending on your usage and hair thickness. But for me, this actually works out at a massive cost saving also to traditional single use shampoo bottles!

I know Eco Warrior are in the process of building their online shop, so keep an eye also on their website, as soon you’ll be able to buy direct. There are also other stockists of Eco Warrior around the country.

Would I buy this product again?

Definitely! I think this shampoo bar has definitely made me switch to bars instead of traditional shampoo. I don’t miss shampoo at all, I’m glad I am no longer using all those plastic bottles and my hair is in such brilliant condition than before, that for me it’s a no brainer to keep with shampoo bars going forward. I just wish I had know about this product when I went backpacking years ago as it would have saved me from lugging heavy bottles around with me and a massive space saver too!

Having read up on Eco Warrior I now know they do lots of other bars, so I’ll be looking into using some of these hopefully in the future to test out too.

Top tip for using shampoo bars

Don’t pop your shampoo bar straight down on your shower tray or side of it as it will get stuck as it dries out. You want to keep the bar in a place that will allow it to fully dry out and that way it will last you longer also. So a soap dish, soap sisal bag or bit of coconut mesh is good to keep it on to dry it out and won’t let it get stuck too.

*Note: This product was bought by myself in February 2020 and is in no way affiliated with Eco Warrior. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Sounds great, and I love orange and ginger together! I’ve seen some bar shampoos that are really expensive, but £4.50 is incredibly good value!

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