Kutis all-natural deodorant review: it may be small but works a treat!

Have you looked into a natural deodorant yet? As soon as you do you’ll find there are actually LOADS available. So which one to choose? I have recently switched to this Kutis Bergamot and Sage all-natural deodorant and really recommend it. Keep reading to find out more about it and if it could be the natural deodorant you’re searching for.

Plastic-free packaging

For me an easy way to initially cut down plastic was to start in the bathroom – it’s the obvious choice with so many single-use plastic bottles within. I have already cut out shower gel for a natural soap bar with a soap sisal bag, shampoo for either Beauty Kubes shampoo or a shampoo bar and conditioner for a conditioner bar or Beauty Kubes conditioning masks.

So next on my list of things to change was my deodorant. I previously used the Nivea spray deodorant which of course was effective but I didn’t like the plastic packaging and the fact after the product had finished there was no use whatsoever for the container. So, I just had to look into a plastic-free alternative pronto, without making a compromise on the product as I just can’t go round smelling of B.O. It needed to be a product I could feel confident in and actually works. After some research and recommendations, I went for this Kutis Bergamot & Sage deodorant purchased from Parapura.

The Kutis deodorants are packaged in 100% biodegradable paperboard push-up tubes. Perfect! No plastic and for first time natural deodorant users, these are great as you apply them just like you would have with a roll on type of deodorant. Once used all the packaging can be recycled, knowing that you aren’t making an impact on the environment in the long-term.

Use like a roll-on deodorant

The thing I like about Kutis is that they have really thought about the user when making this deodorant. To put it simply, it’s easy! The packaging is designed to be used like a normal roll-on style deodorant being made into a paperboard push-up style. When researching for a deodorant, many of them came in tins, where I’m not sure how you’d apply this to my arm pits easily.

To use simply take off the lid and as you need more deodorant simply push up the base slightly so the deodorant bar gets pushed up for easier applying. Once you’re done just pop the lid back on to keep your deodorant fresh and in good condition.

Warming up the deodorant for better use

Natural deodorant needs to be used in a specific way to get the best out of them. These Kutis deodorants are coconut-oil based and so of course when cooler this hardens up. It feels quite dry when you first get it out, so before you apply you need a little heat to be able to get the best out of it.

What I find the best is before using it I apply the top of the deodorant to my under-arm and just hold it there for a couple of seconds to warm up. Once it warms, the product becomes a little more fluid and then is easier to apply, plus will sink into the skin better.

Does it smell nice?

Absolutely! One of the things I am finding is that natural beauty products smell so much BETTER than normal products and last so much longer. Actually I haven’t worn any perfume in that past 6 weeks as a result of this!

If you prefer to use things like perfume, then you may be better to go for an unscented deodorant (which Kutis have available within their collection), so the deodorant isn’t too over-powering for you. However, if you’re like me and love a good scent, Kutis have some great deodorant scents to choose from.

I opted for Bergamot and Sage which smells amazing, but I also reckon the others will all smell fresh too. As I finish another deodorant, I will probably work my way down the list of scented deodorants to test them all out. I reckon the Grapefruit and Mandarin one will smell really fresh and I love the smell of Cedarwood too.

The scents you can currently get on the Kutis website are:

  • Bergamot and Sage
  • Grapefruit and Mandarin
  • Lavender and Geranium
  • Cedarwood and Rose
  • Unscented

How long will the deodorant last?

I haven’t used it long enough yet to tell you for definite, but will update the post once it runs out. However I think the Kutis deodorant will last between 3-4 months. Compared to a normal deodorant (I used to use the Nivea spray), then these used to last me 4-6 weeks. So there is a significant difference in the life of the product compared to what I used to use.

A unisex deodorant

These Kutis deodorant’s are of course unisex. My arm pits are of course shaved so for me putting this deodorant on is very easy. I can’t speak for someone with hair in their arm pits though and how easy it would be to apply in this situation or how effective it would be.

Looking at the cost difference

So a Nivea spray deodorant that I used to get cost £2 for a 250ml spray can from Sainsbury’s. That would last between 4-6 weeks. The Kutis natural deodorant costs £6.50 for a 55ml stick. However that lasts approx 3-4 months. So the Kutis deodorant may be marginally more expensive depending on how long it lasts you, but I reckon they come out at a pretty similar price for the average user.

Does the deodorant work?

For me it does work really well yes. I apply after a shower and feel it really moisturises my arm pits (which I can’t say I’ve noticed before using traditional deodorant!) and I haven’t felt sweaty at all. As it is made from all-natural deodorant I can imagine this will be great for anyone with sensitive skin as has properties in it that will have to stop inflammation. In fact, I don’t feel I need to wear deodorant everyday (although I do!), the natural Kutis deodorant sinks well into the skin that I reckon you could apply every other day if you wanted to.

However, I have seen comments online and in response to some of my Instagram posts and stories from people who have tried it or another natural deodorant and say it didn’t work for them. What I am finding with a lot of these natural products is that it comes down to personal preference and is an individual journey.

But one thing I would say on deodorant is that you need to give it at least 2-4 weeks of testing before you can say the deodorant doesn’t work on you. The reason for this is when we switch to natural deodorant our body is releasing the toxins still from our old traditional deodorants. So you may find that there is a slight odour for a few days or weeks. I personally didn’t, and that’s why I can confidently recommend this product as on me I have nothing but positive things to say about it. But if it happens to you, then please don’t give up straight away. Give it a good month of testing before you can say if a product does or doesn’t work for you.

I hope from reading this you’ll be confident in giving an all-natural deodorant a go. You can purchase these from Kutis’ online shop or many eco/zero-waste shops have them available also.

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