Different reusable soap sisal bags you can buy online

Have you already changed your shower gel to a bar of soap, or perhaps looking to do this soon once all your shower gel supplies have depleted in the home? I have explained in a previous post the benefits to using a soap sisal bag, which you should definitely read if you’re still not sure whether to purchase one.

But quickly to recap, the soap sisal bags are beneficial when using a bar of soap instead of shower gel as they…

  • help the soap to lather up more quickly,
  • exfoliate your skin due to their natural texture leaving your skin soft,
  • they allow you to hang up your soap bar so they dry out therefore lasting longer,
  • you can handle your soap bar much more easily as it won’t slip out of your hands,
  • when you get to the end of your soaps, pop them in a soap sisal bag and you can use all the ends up rather than wasting the end of the soaps.

I’ve found some different soap saver bags online so you can see the different styles available to you. I have only tried the first option by Eco So Good, so can’t recommend any of the others. But, I can’t imagine you can go wrong when it comes to these reusable bags and comes down to personal style and preferences as to the design you go for.

Cute wooden drawstring to dry out the soap

This is the reusable soap sisal bag I went for from Eco So Good, who own a shop on Etsy. It cost me £2.99 for 1 bag and is a brilliant quality. I have been really pleased with this so far. It is really well made and whilst is a soft material, is also tough enough to act as an exfoliator too. It has a little drawstring on the side to allow you to hang it up in the shower as it’s important they dry out in-between uses. I can imagine any bar of soap would fit in here as it is plenty big enough. Read this post here to find out more information about it.

No frills, simple style soap pouch

Hydrophil have an exfoliating soap pouch for £4. It’s a simple bag with no frills. I haven’t tried it out but I think it looks like it would do the job if you’re after a no-frills type of bag. You can buy it in the UK on Peace With The Wild here and is naturally exfoliating, biodegradable and compostable.

Natural looking exfoliating bags

These bags by Mad About Nature Shop look good on Etsy. It is different to other soap sisal bags in style as the holes are bigger so I’m not sure smaller pieces of soap will always stay in as you get to the end of the bar of soap. They sell 1 bag for £3.

Opt for a curved edged soap bag

If you prefer more curved styles then this soap sisal bag from The Apothecary Barn UK on Etsy could be the right option for you. It costs £3, looks slightly smaller than the other bags above but with a drawstring to close the bag will allow you to hang up the bag and dry out the soap easily.

Sisal vs cotton soap saver bags – which is better?

You can also find soap saver bags online that come in an array of colours and further styles. Many of these will be made out of cotton rather than sisal materials and therefore won’t work the same, as they won’t be as exfoliating on the skin. So make sure you do your research before buying and check if you just want a bag that holds the ends of the soaps and helps to lather then any soap saver bag may work, but if you are after the exfoliation too you will want to ensure it is made out of a sisal material.

I can’t recommend these soap sisal bags enough if you have changed from shower gel to a bar of soap. I hope you find a style you like and can give one a try soon. Let me know how you find them on Instagram @becominggreenuk or leave me a comment below.

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