Eco-friendly and fresh smelling: Beauty Kubes white tea and citrus body wash

I was lucky enough to be gifted this white tea and citrus bodywash from Beauty Kubes recently. After several uses I just know it’s a brilliant product and one that I want to shout about. I found out about Beauty Kubes when I bought their shampoo from a local refill shop in St Albans. But now, I seriously can’t get enough of their products – I just want to try them all!

What are the main benefits of this body wash?

Plastic free! Yes that’s right, I’m trying to follow a more sustainable lifestyle in my household. Now I’ve got my son, it’s important to me that we begin to make changes so he has a better future growing up. If we don’t make small changes now I fear what our planet will look like in years to come. The product is also made cruelty-free, is 54% organic ingredients and chemical free which is exactly what we should be avoiding, especially when amazing quality body wash can be produced without them for the same outputs.

A light refreshing citrus smelling product

As soon as you open the packet, the scent of this product hits you. It’s so fresh, citrus-y, definite smells of orange and lemony scents come through. I keep saying it but I wish I could send you the scent as if you’re anything like me then that alone will make you want this body wash.

They come with 27 cubes in a pack, which will last you just under a month if you use them every day. I probably will will you them sporadically as a treat, alongside my natural bar of soap with the soap sisal bag for more everyday use, as that’s a little more economical for me given I am on a statutory maternity leave pay currently.

Order a sample box to check it’s the right product for you

One thing I particularly love about Beauty Kubes is that throughout the purchase journey they maintain their sustainability. For example in many cases I am not sure if that particular product will be right for me. If I order then I risk not liking the product, not wanting to use it and therefore I am creating more wastage overall no matter how eco-friendly the packaging and product is in the first place. I wish more brands would do this, particularly in beauty as often the product can be wrong for your skin.

So Beauty Kubes offer boxes of samples you can purchase on their website to try out the product first. These samples come in a mini box with 3 cubes inside. That way you can properly test out the product without needing to commit first time round.

Watch my review and how-to video on IGTV here…

*Note: this product has been gifted to me in April 2020 by Beauty Kubes. However all opinions and coverage of the product have been my own.

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