Hellmann’s vegan mayonnaise review – does it taste any different?

In our household Hellmann’s mayonnaise is the go-to sauce. So when this Coronavirus pandemic hit, you can only imagine our faces when there was NO mayonnaise left on the shelf! But then I saw these smaller glass jars of vegan mayonnaise, something I’d never considered buying previously, but as it was now our only option to something similar to what we knew, I bought the Hellmann’s vegan mayonnaise. What do I think of it? Read on to find out!

Tastes just like normal mayo!

Okay so I kid you not, this Hellmann’s vegan mayonnaise tastes just like normal mayonnaise. The vegan mayo is obviously free from eggs, has no artificial flavours or colours, is gluten free and a good source of Omega 3. The mayonnaise tastes a little more creamier and delicious to be honest, but the actual tastes remains exactly the same to me.

hellmanns vegan mayonnaise

More expensive than traditional mayonnaise

Looking at the price of the product, you do have to pay more for vegan mayo. Perhaps because it is a new product. It seems a shame that they seem to be jumping on this vegan bandwagon and capitalising in on it, rather than making it the same price as normal mayonnaise.

I paid £2.15 for a 270g jar of the vegan mayonnaise, compared to normal mayonnaise which you can buy 200g in a glass jar for £1.50 from Sainsbury’s.

How’s the shelf life?

I saw some reviews online saying the shelf life of the product wasn’t very long. Perhaps this was in the beginning period of launching the product. I purchased the mayonnaise in March 2020 and it says the product is okay until December 2020. So for me this isn’t any concern.

It takes a pandemic to try different products

We become accustomed to just picking up the same products we are used to as a force of habit. So I find it really strange that it takes a global pandemic for us to try different products. As a household we have been trying to eat more vegetarian meals in the week and less meat overall, but I just don’t think we would have tried this vegan mayonnaise had it not been for the Coronavirus panic buyers taking all the normal mayonnaise.

Now we have tried something new it has opened our eyes to new possibilities and made us think that perhaps we should explore some different things. So we have been looking up smaller businesses we could support and ones with a good cause. One that has sprung up is the Rubies in the Rubble brand, which has good reviews on its vegan mayonnaise and is known for supporting farmers in taking wobbly vegetables that supermarkets won’t. So I’ve ordered the vegan mayo and banana ketchup from there to give a try, so watch this space!

Hellmann’s vegan mayonnaise verdict?

I do actually really like this product overall. It’s a shame they don’t come in larger jars as in our house this smaller 270g jar didn’t last long at all. The taste is very similar to normal Hellmann’s mayonnaise with a bit more of a creamier texture. I would buy this product again for sure, but before I do I want to see what other products are out there and compare to some other vegan mayo’s to see what I am missing.

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