What’s the benefit of using a reusable soap sisal bag in the shower?

Having used all of the shower gel up in the house, I wanted to find a suitable alternative that is environmentally-friendly and also given I’m not earning much on maternity leave at the moment and given the uncertainty with the current lockdown, I wanted a swap that was budget-friendly too. So I swapped my shower gel for a natural bar of soap and a soap sisal bag.

soap bar and soap sisal bag

What’s a soap sisal bag?

I hadn’t heard of it previously either but having now used it, I can highly recommend. It is definitely a product that will be here to stay in my shower!

soap sisal bag in the shower

A soap sisal bag is made from 100% knitted natural sisal yarn. It is designed to put your bar of soap in, or collect leftover pieces of soap to put in the bag so you can really use the ends of the soap you have. Simply pull the drawstring to close and use as a sustainable alternative to your shower gel in the bath or shower. It is of course reusable, and I imagine will last you for years to come. All you need to do is replace your soap once you’ve come to the end of the bar. The material is fairly rough in order to exfoliate, but isn’t harsh on the skin. I really like the way it is made.

I don’t know about you but in the past when I’ve used soap bars I got frustrated when the soap was too slippery and kept falling into the shower tray out of my hands. Also when the soap was too small at the end, I ended up just giving up on it as it was too slippery and too difficult to still get a good lather. So now a sisal bag will solve those problems for good.

Why should you get a sisal bag?

  1. 1. Your soap will lather up much better and quicker – the sisal bag gives it the traction to get a good amount of soap coming off.
  2. 2. It exfoliates the skin whilst you wash. When I get out the shower I can feel that my skin is so soft – I just love it! Exfoliation of course gets rid of dead skin cells and promotes blood circulation, so many health benefits.

3. You no longer need a sponge. I often find sponges build up quite a bit of muck and mould if it doesn’t dry properly. The sisal bag has the drawstring so you can hang it easily on your shower and due to its material and way it is made means it dries quickly. I do still use a Konjac sponge for my face, which is the green sponge in the picture. I wouldn’t use the sisal bag on my face as it’s too tough for these sensitive skin areas.

4. Use every last bit of soap to save you money. It also means your soap will dry out quicker too if hung up in the sisal bag which will help it to last longer.

5. Soap bars cost less and last longer than shower gel bottles, so it will save you a considerable amount of money over a year. Not to mention with it being plastic free, this is a much more sustainable alternative.

To me this is quite a small change for me, that will make a big difference environmentally. I’m keen to keep this swap in place and with all the benefits above of using the sisal soap bag alongside the bar of soap, then I have no excuses to revert back now!

Where can you buy a soap sisal bag from?

I bought mine from EcoSoGood on Etsy for £2.99. I was really pleased with how they responded so quickly with questions about the product, delivered quickly and in sustainable packaging. The product looks to be made really well so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend buying it from them. You can also buy them online at various places or at a local eco shop near you.

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