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Can I eat the broccoli stalk? 11 delicious ways to cook it

I always remember my Mum chucking away the broccoli stalk, so for years just haven’t second-guessed it and have done the same. It was only recently I suddenly started questioning if you can eat it. It turns out you can and it is just as delicious and flavoursome as the florets. Read below some ways to use your broccoli stalks that you may not have thought of.

11 Ways to use your broccoli stalk

  1. Add it into your soups, whether that be vegetable, broccoli and stilton or perhaps a lovely cream of broccoli soup.
  2. Shred your broccoli stalks to include into your coleslaw. Delicious with a jacket potato or with salads.
  3. Cut them up or shred them and make into a homemade pickle.
  4. Slice up into smaller pieces and add them to your stir fry. You could also spiralize them to make into your noodles as a healthy alternative.
  5. Peel and slice length ways to use to dip into your delicious humous or other dips, as a healthy alternative to crisps.
  6. When making pesto, add in your chopped up broccoli stalk to add more flavour.
  7. Perfect for adding into your homemade vegetable or chicken stock!
  8. Just like I’ve previously made the salt and pepper potato peel crisps, slice up the broccoli stalk thinly and bake to make thin broccoli stalk crisps.
  9. Use to prop up your roast chicken whilst roasting in the oven and after blend into your homemade gravy.
  10. Make into broccoli rice as a healthy alternative to white or brown rice, and a bit different to cauliflower rice. I find its a bit nicer in taste too.
  11. Roast the broccoli with other veggies and eat either as a side of roast veg or make into a ratatouille.

What’s healthier, the broccoli stalk or florets?

Whilst the florets contain more Vitamin A, gram for gram broccoli stalks actually hold a slightly higher nutritional value, with more Calcium, Iron and Vitamin C. Just another reason why you shouldn’t throw those broccoli stalks away!

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