Parapura: Conscientious beauty shopping for a better tomorrow

I’ve been lucky to catch up with the new sustainable beauty online shop, Parapura. Within the beauty industry there are so many unsustainable products out there, so Parapura are making it easier for us all by stocking sustainable beauty brands all in one convenient shopping experience. Read a bit more about what Jordan owner of Parapura has to say…

Parapura is a strong and unique business name. Does it have a meaning behind it?

With the name we hoped to signify purity. Parapura roughly translates into English as ‘for pure’. Via our business model, we are working towards a more sustainable world primarily by eliminating plastic but also through keeping our overall environmental impact as low as possible across the entire supply chain.

Where did the inspiration come from to set up Parapura?

A combination of two desires really. The first, to have our own business and the freedom it can give one. On the other hand, we knew we wanted our business to contribute positively and be close to our values which is where our passion for the preservation of nature came into the mix. We hope to inspire others to start making changes that are beneficial to the planet and show them how easy it can be!

You’ve got many beauty brands on your online shop already – how do you select which ones to list as there are so many great products out there with an emphasis on plastic-free and sustainable practices?

When it comes to product selection, we review more than the product. We work towards understanding the brand as a whole – their supply chain, their ethos, as well as their track record in the marketplace. Aside from the plastic-free packaging, raw materials and ingredients are another key aspect we consider as we avoid any nasty chemicals, the kind you regrettably often find in mass-produced goods. A great brand aesthetic is an added plus!

Are the products all delivered individually or in one consolidated package?

We stock all the products showcased on our website, which allows us to ship an order in one plastic-free package. We see two main benefits with this. One, the customer can enjoy the convenience of online shopping without having to deal with multiple tracking numbers and deliveries. More importantly however, there is a massive reduction in packaging and carbon emissions are kept low. 

As I am just starting out on my sustainability journey, what are the top 5 products you recommend I try?

Now this is a hard one as there is so much out there, but here go 5 products that we believe most households can adopt with minimum difference.

1.) A double edge safety razor – Entirely plastic-free and durable, only the fully recyclable blade needs changing as and when. Frankly, it’s the perfect zero waste swap plus you’ll no longer have to deal with costly plastic razor head refills. In this product category, Rose & Thorne is the latest brand we’ve welcomed to the family. 

2.) Natural deodorant – a swap that can take a few attempts to get right for your body type but honestly, performs no differently and is free from harmful ingredients. Kutis and Scence sticks are probably what will feel most familiar for first-timers.

3.) Reusable makeup pads – These can last years and clean up pretty well on a 40-degree wash. Single-use cotton pads generate a lot of waste and as we know, cotton is a resource-intensive crop that requires crazy amounts of water. Bambaw pads are great value for money and come with a handy cotton wash bag.

4.) Toothpaste in either tablet or paste form – Entirely natural and packaged in infinitely recyclable glass jars, gone are the days where toothpaste tubes are left to waste away in landfill for centuries to come. Georganics is definitely the frontrunner.

5.) Shampoo/conditioner bars – This swap can take your hair a few washes to acclimatise as your scalp re-equilibrates the natural oils that conventional treatments tend to remove. The bars pack a punch in a fraction of the size, massively reducing the amount of packaging required. Same goes for bulky body washes by the way as they’re easily replaced with the good old soap bar. We’re personally obsessed with Flow Cosmetics, but Beauty Kubes’ range is on sale at the moment! 

I also like to travel a lot (when there’s not a lockdown!) Are there any products that I should look at that could be beneficial for a mum on-the-go?

If you like to travel light, then we recommend these 3 essentials for any mum on-the-go. First up are the Georganics toothpaste tablets and second, Beauty Kubes 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash suited for the entire family – what’s not to love? Last but by no means least, is LO’s 2-in-1 lip and cheek tint, a straightforward and compact piece of makeup that is not only of the highest quality but looks the part too.  

Do you follow sustainable practices in your household, as well as in all beauty aspects?

Yes, we’ve massively worked on our buying habits. We’re big on reusing and recycling what we can, we avoid single-use articles and plastics, avoid any food waste and have massively cut down on our red meat and dairy intake as well. Our home is powered by a renewable energy supplier and of course, our entire bathroom is plastic-free! By no means are we perfect and there’s still a ton of work to be done but being able to grow alongside our business is massively exciting.

So what’s next to Parapura? Where can you see the business going?

Good question! In the short term, we remain focused on enhancing our product offering and giving our customers the best shopping experience. Our goal is to introduce as many people as we can to the plastic-free lifestyle, and we want to make it fun! In future, we plan to turn more of our attention towards charitable projects as we believe in planet over profit – hopefully we achieve the scale to make a substantial difference!

Want to get in touch with Parapura?

Thank you so much Jordan for answering our questions about Parapura and the products you’re stocking. It’s been brilliant finding out more about your brand and we wish you all the success with it, and will be following your journey.

If you want to find out more about Parapura you can shop their store online at but also follow them on Facebook and Instagram too. They are always keen to hear feedback, or if you have any questions just drop them a line at

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