Eco tip: Reuse cooled pasta water on your plants

Did you know you can reuse your cooled pasta water on your plants, whether inside or outside the house? I didn’t until quite recently and thought it’s definitely worth sharing the tip as something I will be doing from now on. Not only does it save on what would otherwise be unwanted water, but also your plants will thank you for it too!

Don’t add salt into your water

Lots of people include a pinch of salt in their pasta water to cook. I personally don’t but I reckon a lot of chefs would recommend to. Anyway if we are thinking of this from an eco perspective, which is what I am trying to do, then it’s best to avoid adding the salt into the water so you can reuse it after. Plants won’t survive from too much salt, so you definitely don’t want to be using the water if you are adding it in.

Nutrients that are great for your plants

Plants need and love lots of nutrients to grow and thrive. Pasta releases starch into the water when boiled. Starch will assist the plant growth and act as a fertiliser within the soil, which will help them to grow.

Preserve water

We use a lot of water daily so I’m always up for a trick that helps to save on the amount of water we do use. It will save you money and help the environment. The starchy water will help to soil to retain more moisture, which means there should be less need to water as frequently.

Other uses for your pasta water

If you’re not green fingered, then there are other uses for your pasta water to still ensure you’re being eco-friendly. You can add the pasta water into your sauces and soups for example to add more nutrients in and flavour.

Alternatively and something I often do, is you can reuse the pasta water for cooking vegetables or eggs for example. That way you’re making the best use out of the water and not throwing away after just the one use.

As long as there’s no additions in the water like salt or stock, then definitely use it for watering plants, whether you’ve cooked pasta or veggies.

So next time you’re cooking up some delicious pasta, remember to avoid adding the salt and reuse that precious water after to become that little bit closer to greener living!

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