Bye cling film! BEE Zero Waste beeswax food wraps review

If like me you hate using cling film for a huge amount of reasons, then you’re in luck because I have tried and tested the BEE Zero Waste beeswax food wraps, and they have got a big thumbs up!

I’ve said goodbye to cling film for good and so pleased to find such a sustainable alternative. Keep reading to find out about all the benefits the beeswax food wraps can provide and why you too should make the switch.

How are beeswax food wraps made?

Beeswax food wraps are a type of food wrap material which offers a sustainable way to wrap up your food and store whether that be in the fridge or cupboards depending on the food type. The good things about these is that they work just as well as your typical cling film materials, whilst also being kind to the environment, both in how they are made and decomposed.

They are made through infusing cotton with typically beeswax (food-grade standard), resin, coconut oil and jojoba oil. This coated fabric beeswax food wrap can then be used for about 1 year if looked after properly, before being put in a compostable bin. BEE Zero Waste’s beeswax wraps are all handmade in Leicester, and they use as many local suppliers as possible which is refreshing to hear.

The perfect alternative to cling film & sandwich bags

Reducing our food waste is so important and I feel BEE Zero Waste are really helping individuals to achieve this, whether in the home, catering businesses to on-the-go e.g. our packed lunches for work.

The beeswax food wraps come in an array of sizes to cater for all different needs, from wrapping up a few squares of chocolate to keep in your fridge (acting as a great disguise from the rest of the family!), popping over a bowl of leftovers to covering pasta dough or whole loafs of bread to keep fresh. So many uses! It’s worth mentioning they come in a range of pretty colourful designs also.

Vegan wax wraps available online

Whilst I haven’t tried the vegan wax wraps, I thought it was worth mentioning that they are available at BEE Zero Waste as a suitable alternative.

How do you use these food wraps?

Get a flat beeswax wrap and simply put over your bowl or around your object that you need wrapping. The warmth of your hands will help to bend the wrap and stick it down to where you needs it to be. Once it has covered your food as you need it to, simply pop in the fridge or wherever you need to store your item.

If you store in the fridge then when taking the item out, you’ll notice the beeswax wrap becomes quite stiff. Again this is absolutely normal. Just peel off the beeswax wrap and pop into some warm water. Gently wipe clean. Do not put in the dishwasher and do not use boiling hot water as this will melt off the beeswax. The more you look after these wraps, the longer they will last but typically that will be around the one year mark.

Sustainable cardboard packaging

Importantly for me, the BEE Zero Waste wraps came in sustainable minimalist packaging. There was NO plastic in sight – yippee! The wraps are simply folded up in a cardboard wrapper and held together with a piece of string. There were a few instructions on the packaging but it also directs you straight to the website or social channels for more information, which is exactly how it should be to reduce waste. I just wish more businesses would follow suit and stop putting it on the consumer to sort their packaging.

Would I buy again?

Absolutely! These beeswax wraps are one of my favourite swaps yet and I’m loving them. They do the job perfectly and are a sustainable alternative that cares for the environment, and to mention they look great too. No more need for that awful cling film again – PERFECT! You can buy them on Amazon coming in different sizes and various amounts in a pack.

*Note: Links in this post are affiliated links, however all opinions are my own. This product was bought by myself in February 2020 and in no way sponsored by BEE Zero Waste.

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