Restarting our haircare routine in the Coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus (officially known as Covid-19) is the worst pandemic we’ve seen globally in many years. It’s an unbelievably scary time for us all, whatever age we are, we all just want to protect particularly our elderly and vulnerable family and friends from the illness.

My Grandad is 97 years old (a great age hey?!), he is still living at home but relies on carers, meals on wheels, and my mum to visit and look after him daily. He is of course in isolation for the foreseeable too which means unfortunately I just don’t know when the next time I’ll see him, which is just so sad. I know it is the same for everyone worldwide and we are all in a very anxious and scary time in our lives.

Given all that is going on, I just needed to see some positives the lockdown is having on other areas of our lives to get me through. So over the coming days, and perhaps weeks will look to do some posts as a reflection on this. I am one for positive thinking and believe it can make a big difference to our mental health which is so important at this time during the national lockdown.

Having been using the Beauty Kubes shampoo recently and finding new haircare products that are more sustainable, it got me thinking that we should really be using this lockdown to improve and restart our haircare routines!

Reduce your weekly hair washes

I don’t know about you but previously I was washing my hair everyday or every other in some cases. I know it’s a lot of washes, but my hair is quite thin and I suppose has just got used to me washing it daily that when I don’t, it goes terribly greasy and I look an absolute state!

Well, now this lockdown is forcing us to stay in so unless you’ve got video calls, you’re not going to be seeing anyone, which means for me it’s a perfect time to work on this hair routine and kick the old habits goodbye!

Not only is it bad for our hair to wash it everyday, but it also means…

  • We are using more water by spending more time in the shower
  • We are using more hair products
  • Which leads to more packaging that we are going through
  • More drying and styling needed which can damage our hair further
  • Takes out natural oils from the scalp and dries the hair out by taking the natural moisture out
  • Can dull hair colour

So overall, there are many benefits to switching up our haircare routine for the better!

If we leave our hair to get used to not being washed so often, it will climatise and once all is said and done with this Coronavirus pandemic, we will get back to our daily lives with stunning hair that we don’t need to wash everyday. Dry and normal hair should be washed 1-2 times per week ideally, so this is my new aim. Who’s with me?

Change to sustainable haircare products

Sustainable haircare products either come in a shampoo bar style or the cubes like Beauty Kubes. I imagine they could also come in more sustainable bottles too – but this isn’t something I’ve come across yet.

The good thing about the Beauty Kubes is that they are portioned well so you get the right amount of product per use and therefore they last longer. The shampoo bar is something I need to try to compare to the cubes, but a bar will last you over 3 months.

Best of all, these eco shampoo’s don’t contain the harsh chemicals and therefore offering more benefits to you hair than your traditional shampoo’s.

Read my review on the Beauty Kubes shampoo here. In a nutshell, what I found was in just one cube, my hair felt squeaky-clean, bouncy and light. Unlike any traditional shampoo I had tried, and similar to that feeling when you just come out of the hairdressers.

Helping the planet to heal for future generations

Through changing such a simple thing in our daily lives such as our hair washing routines, we can make small changes that would make big environmental impacts if we all do our bit. In turn, we can protect our planet so future generations can enjoy it for years to come.

I do believe the planet is currently massively healing. I’ve seen photos of the beautiful canals in Venice that when I went were all mirky but now a gorgeous clear colour, there is wildlife going to areas they were previously not seen anymore and in many cities we are seeing a huge reduction in pollution. So whilst humanity is suffering, another positive we can take from this crisis is the world in which we live is healing and improving daily.

So I think we should use this time to reflect on what we purchase and how our decisions to buy different less-sustainable products are really harming the environment either in how they are made or how they are packaged. When we come out of this lockdown I do think and hope there will be a big shift in how we shop – I’m hoping there will be a focus on more local shopping (in particular more sustainable ethos shops) and small business support overall.

So here’s to us all coming out of this lockdown with luscious locks and a new haircare routine to take forward that is not only better for our hair, but better for the environment overall too. If you are looking for something fun to do whilst at home, why not head on some virtual adventures.

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