Switching to reusable bamboo fabric makeup remover pads

Hands up who uses disposable face wipes or even baby wipes to remove their makeup?

This was me a few weeks ago, but now I’ve made the switch to reusable makeup remover pads and I’ll never be going back to my old ways. Below is an honest review on my experience of the make up pads – I had my doubts but I’m happy to say they’re a sustainable switch here to stay.

Breaking old beauty regime habits

Since having a baby, baby wipes have just been around the house all the time, so it just became convenient for me to just use the baby wipes that were around the bathroom already to get rid of my daily makeup. Quick and easy!

However, I know baby wipes are causing havoc with our oceans, river beds and landfill sites with many not being decomposable. Thinking of the world my son will live in as he grows up has encouraged me to start making some of these more sustainable switches. I’ve already made a change to Harrison’s baby wipes, where I’m now using the Little Gubbins reusable microfibre cloths for example.

These cloths could also be a great alternative to makeup remover pads. If you’re interested you can shop them here on Amazon for £12.99 for 20 cloths plus a laundry bag. They are 20 x 20cm in size so a little larger than a makeup remover pad if that is more your thing. I really rate them for Harrison but for my personal makeup remover use, I don’t need something as big and wanted to find something smaller in size rather than adding lots to the regular wash. Plus we get through A LOT of wipes with my son, so I wouldn’t have enough really for me, I’d have to buy a new pack and 20 large cloths seems a bit excessive seeing as I don’t wear a huge amount of makeup daily.

Bamboo fabric makeup remover pads

I found these bamboo fabric makeup remover pads on Amazon and after doing some research decided to purchase to try them.

I chose these ones in-particular as they were well reviewed, came in cardboard packaging only and with a laundry bag too for easy cleaning in the washing machine. Many were more expensive than these ones I found for just £9.99 for 20 pads and a laundry bag.

What are the reusable makeup pads like?

SO so soft! These particular bamboo fabric makeup remover pads are a brilliantly soft chemical-free material which is exactly what you want when dealing with your face daily. They are made well with two pieces of material sewed together so thick enough to use both sides rather than needing to use two make up wipes each time.

Of course the pads are reusable, you simply pop them in the wash and as I’ve tried and tested to make sure, they do come up like new. Even with foundation and waterproof mascara. I just pop them in my weekly white wash at 40 degrees and then dried them on the radiator.

This particular set of makeup pads come with a laundry bag included. I’d definitely recommend you use these – store your dirty ones in them during the week and then tie the top and chuck the whole bag in the wash. As the pads are quite small (8cm diameter), they would easily get eaten up by your washing machine… you know the score with your socks!!

How is it best to use a reusable makeup wipe?

  • I prefer to run it under some warm water first (but you don’t need to do this – personal preference)
  • Put your makeup remover onto the pad – I can highly recommend the Little Green Wood sustainable vegan makeup remover which is a nice thick silky type of consistency.
  • Gently massage the pads onto your skin in circular motions to remove dead skin cells and lift your makeup well. Carefully take off your mascara too and any eye or lip makeup.
  • Simply rinse the pad and repeat – I like to use the back of the makeup pad for the second eye if I’ve got heavy eye makeup especially.
  • Pop into your laundry bag and pop that in with your white wash. Leave to air dry for best results.

So the question is, will you be switching to reusable makeup pads now? Shop the ones I got on Amazon here. Also head to my Instagram @becominggreenuk under my highlighted stories called ‘Beauty’ you’ll find my honest reviews of the products and uses of them along with the recommended makeup remover.

*Note: Links in this post are Amazon Affiliated, although products have been honestly reviewed. Products were bought by myself in February 2020.

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