The tried and tested sustainable brand directory

A helpful directory pulling together all the brands I have tried to date into categories with the links to the review.

*Please note this is continuous work in progress as I try and review more products whilst on my sustainability journey. So keep coming back to see what I’ve been trying and feedback.



  • Bamboo makeup remover pads
    Becoming Green rating: 8/10
    Would you buy again? Pads use and wash well & have stopped me using single-use disposable wipes. Slight fraying on material after numerous washes. Good price for product.
  • EcoSoGood: Soap Sisal Bags
    Becoming Green rating: 10/10
    Would you buy again? Yes although given the sturdiness of the bag, I don’t think I’ll need to! It is made well and lathers up soap really well. A brilliant exfoliator in the shower and I love how soft my skin feels after.
  • Lush: Cup O’Coffee face and body mask
    Becoming Green rating: 6/10
    Would you buy again? Good product for exfoliation but less of a traditional mask. Coffee exfoliated well and smelt good (if you like coffee!) but product made too much of a mess for my liking.


  • Little Gubbins: Reusable baby wipes
    Becoming Green rating: 9/10
    Would you buy again? Currently no need to as the pack of 20 does the job, plus comes with a laundry bag. Product quality is good and very soft and absorbent. Perfect for baby-led weaning too given all the mess!

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