Where to buy second-hand baby products from?

Our children grow up SO fast, it’s actually unreal at the speed! Going through the amount of babygrows and clothes is crazy – from newborn to 6 months we have now gone through 5 different sizes of clothes already! Whaaaaat?!!

With our healthy baby’s growing up fast, it begs the question how can we become more economical with our spending for our baby and also environmental. Often a baby wears the clothes once or twice and then before you know it they are too big for them – so do they need these clothes all to be brand new? As long as they are not messed up then I’d say no, absolutely not. But, where can we easily get our hands on these 2nd hand baby clothes? I’ve created a post that I’m going to keep updated as I keep on my motherhood journey with places to buy secondhand baby clothes, toys or anything else for that matter.

The only items I’ve heard and agree with, that you shouldn’t buy second hand would be dummies or bottle teats, cot mattresses and car seats. Car seats is due to the fact you don’t know if the previous owner has been in a car accident, and without this prior knowledge you just can’t be 100% that your baby’s car seat is completely safe. I wouldn’t take the risk. But prams, bouncers, swings, cots, toys and clothes are all great to consider. Check out this post by Strapo’s Thrify Life Hacks on the top 5 products she’d recommend buying 2nd hand for babies in an effort to save money. It definitely makes you think that you don’t need to buy everything new that’s for sure.


Babyeo is a new award winning platform designed to encourage parents to reuse baby items. With hundreds of items already on this fairly new website, all you need to do is list your item and you’ll get points for it. Then the fun can begin, simply shop with your points gained and request your new baby items!

Facebook Marketplace

If you need an item a bit faster than waiting for delivery, then Facebook Marketplace should be your first go-to destination. I’ve bought loads from here for a fraction of the price from bottle prep machines to swings. Save on the plastic being produced into this world and use items that are still in good condition. The best part about this platform is that you can select your radius so search hyper-local – heck you might find items your close neighbours no longer need!

Local Events

Look-out for local events where you can take your pre-loved items and swap them or just go and buy. Places like sling libraries are great to try on slings or baby carriers before you buy and you can chat through the different options available, along with plenty of second hand slings available in most cases.

Local Facebook Groups

Local Facebook groups are a great way to find local items. Similar to Facebook Marketplace but if you join one specifically for parents then people will be actively listing these items all the time so it makes it easy to find products and see what’s available. The other benefit is these groups are so supportive, so if you’re a new parent, you can find a whole online community willing to answer questions or arrange meet ups.


eBay as everyone knows you can shop a broad range of second hand items. I tend to use this as a last resort if Babyeo or Facebook Marketplace don’t have relevant items on them.

What platforms do you use to find your secondhand baby items? Comment below and tell me more. I’m keen to update this list with more outlets as I hear of them.

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