Zero waste shopping at The Refill Pantry in St Albans

I’ve lived in St Albans now for the past 4 years, so you would have thought I would have explored every shop, cafe and restaurant that there is. However, today I went somewhere new – The Refill Pantry.

The Refill Pantry is a shop based in central St Albans, encouraging zero waste shopping and sustainable living overall. If like me you haven’t yet heard of it, then here is a little more info below including some of the items they stock and what I bought whilst there yesterday. Overall I absolutely loved my experience there and will definitely be going back soon with my containers to stock up my cupboards!

Trying to become a little more green

Since I’ve been trying to make mine and my families life more sustainable, my eyes have been opened to all the products on offer to make the swap. Cling film to beeswax wraps and exfoliating face wash to Konjac sponges are some of the switches I’ve made so far.

I am a believer that you need to start small and make switches that are going to stick which is why I’m being quite selective. So to find a shop literally on my doorstep which stocks a lot of these products I’ve been researching is fantastic, but even better that the owners and staff are able to explain how best to use these alternative products to get the best out of them – that’s even better in my eyes!

The Refill Pantry is all about:

  • Reducing wastage through stocking refillable products & buying only what you need
  • Bringing in your own containers and bags to reduce the need for plastic
  • Assisting a sustainable lifestyle in the home and travel through selective products stocked
  • Educating customers about how they can make easy sustainable switches
  • Stocking products that are organic, locally sourced and reusable

Where can I find The Refill Pantry?

You’ll find The Refill Pantry at 26 London Road in St Albans, not far from The Peahen pub and Bills Restaurant. So a really central location! The shop itself is quite small but packed with loads of great sustainable everyday items, package free foods and unique gifts.

I went in looking for shampoo cubes by Beauty Kube. They had plenty to choose from! I then also purchased a conditioner bar, new body soap, kitchen cleaning soap and a bamboo soap tray for the kitchen. I’m now very excited to give them a try and see if the products really are as good as reviews make them out to be – if they are I could save myself a fortune through some of these swaps and also be on the road to becoming much greener too!

As I just came across the shop I didn’t have any containers with me, so I’ll now have a think about what I need and when I’m ready to stock up will be heading back with my containers and bags.

Is The Refill Pantry pram friendly?

As a mum with a young baby, I’m always thinking about where I can go that is pram friendly as at times it can be really tricky to get around!

The Refill Pantry had a small step up to get into the shop and then once you’re in the shop, one other small step up to the back of the shop. It’s not a big shop and with a lot of people in there was quite difficult to navigate the pram round, so I parked it up at the side of the shop whilst I browsed.

However what I would say is that the staff were so friendly, helpful and accommodating that I wouldn’t worry about going back with a pram. They helped with the door and even watched my son whilst I had a chance to browse the back of the shop. (He was quite content and just smiling back at them). So overall I’d definitely say to mums to go and have a look in and don’t be put off by the fact you have the pram. Whilst it’s a small space, the staff are there to help you find what you need and navigate you in and out with ease.

The future of shopping in every way

I’d really encourage everyone to go and check out this shop – I feel like this is the future of shopping too. Soon companies are going to start needing to take the lead and ownership of their packaging rather than putting it on the consumer to make these purchase decisions. Shops will need to stock products in this refillable way, especially if more customers start shopping in this way and there is more of a demand for it too.

So come on, jump on the bandwagon and give it a try. I’m looking forward to finding more shops similar to this around the area or other shops stocking locally sourced products that can help me towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

*Some links in this post are affiliate links, however all opinions in this post are my own.

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