Second hand clothes: To be or not to be?

As we grow out of clothes or as styles change, it is only natural we get rid of the old. I often take my clothes to local charities who are in need of the clothing for example my jackets or jumpers go to a local shelter for the homeless. That way I know they will come into great use and have a whole new lease of life. That’s what second hand clothes are all about after all.

The thing is very rarely in the past have I thought about buying second hand clothes in all honesty. Why not? I really couldn’t tell you at this point – perhaps because I have always gone out on the high-street to shop for clothes but as the way we shop is changing to more online, so does my consideration for the things I am buying.

Actually it was a friend who got me considering second hand clothing. She always looks stunning in designer dresses at events or weddings and she told me they were all actually pre-loved items. So, with a couple of weddings coming up this year and knowing my body shape has changed considerably after having a baby, I made the decision to find a second hand dress that could work for my upcoming events. I eventually found a beautiful Ted Baker dress on eBay that was not only pre-loved, in great condition still but also a fraction of the price. Bingo! I’m sold!!

Where can I buy second hand clothes?

From eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Depop through to charity shops are all great starting points. I also love that their are niche businesses being set up to ride this wave of change, for example Cosy Vintage based in Hertfordshire. Vintage, retro and second hand clothing are becoming a big part of 2020, and you should jump on the trend. If you’re looking for second hand baby clothes then check out niche sites like Babyeo.

Introducing Cosy Vintage

Cosy Vintage is an online business specialising in gorgeous high-end mens vintage pieces hand-selected for their customers. Avid vintage lover, Max set up his business in January 2020 after the realisation that fast fashion was definitely not the way forward. Retro and vintage pieces are all the rage, people want to shop unique one-off high quality pieces and that is where he sets himself apart.

Why should I buy second hand clothing?

  • Helping the environment and reducing the fast-fashion trend
    Fast fashion should be a thing of the past, we need to be concentrating on buying high quality pieces that are more sustainably made. But it also helps recycling, extends the garment life span and reduces the huge amount of waste we as humans are creating on this planet.

    What I found crazy was finding out that approximately 1,800 gallons of water are required to make just one pair of jeans. I mean, whaaaaat?! So recycling and buying second hand means we are living more sustainable whilst also saving water.

  • Let’s save money!
    I’ve seen it first hand that buying second hand is so cost-effective! Often clothes have only been worn once or twice, but even if they’ve been worn more then as long as they are in good condition for the purpose you’re buying them, then it’s all good.

So I asked myself the question – second hand clothes, to be or not to be? I’d definitely say ‘to be’! I think second hand or vintage shopping is the future. We need to be more considerate of the physical things we are buying and slow down fast fashion. We need to start thinking about how what we are buying is impacting our planet and future environment. I’m not saying it will solve all our environmental problems, but if we can all begin to be more considerate shoppers then it will go a long way.

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