Tired mama? Lush Cup O’Coffee face mask to the rescue!

From one mama to another, it’s time to share the secret to more radiant skin! We’ve all done those late nights with our little ones and now it’s time for some much needed me time. So grab a glass of your favourite tipple, run that hot bath and grab yourself a pot of Lush Cup O’Coffee exfoliating face mask.

(Disclaimer: other people may use this product in the morning but I’m an evening face masker type of girl!)

It’s like you’re drinking a cup of coffee!

Get ready to smell the coffee aroma as you open up this pot of Lush face mask. Best kept in the fridge, putting this face mask on you’ll love the cool temperature especially in a hot bath (if it’s anything like mine!) and the grainy nature of the mask that is perfect for a good facial exfoliation. Be warned though, the face mask is dark brown in colour so your bath water will be changing to a mirky colour as you wash this off.

As real coffee beans are used, these release a slight amount of caffeine and this gets absorbed into the skin. Beauty experts say this can help increase circulation in your skin cells, which in turn can help give a more radiant look to your skin. And that’s exactly why it is a great face mask for us mama’s!

How to use the Lush exfoliating face mask

I put a thick layer of the coffee face mask on for about 10 minutes and then used my konjac sponge and went in small circles around the face to get a great exfoliation. Once I had finished taking in all the delicious coffee aromas, I washed the face mask off with water and voila – skin like a baby’s bottom!! I think I’d use this product about once a week or fortnight to keep that nicely buffed skin whilst not over-doing it to take the goodness out of the skin.

One niggling point though…

The one thing I don’t like about this product is that it says it is a face and body mask. For me, the coffee exfoliating grains are quite coarse and so to put this all over the body is quite a lot and leaves your bath water extremely spiky and grainy, not to mention a mess to clean after! The bath turns an extremely dark brown colour if you use an excessive amount. So I’d recommend only doing the body scrub if in the shower or if you’re prepared to have a very grainy bath!

So for me, this Lush Cup O’Coffee mask is perfect for the face and neck as an exfoliating face mask and a product I’d definitely buy again, but I don’t think I’d use as a body scrub very often. I also think it would make a fantastic gift for friends, especially a gift for new mums.

Using crushed coffee beans as a sustainable exfoliant

We need to move away from chemical exfoliants to help our environment. What I didn’t realise is that there are these other natural exfoliants readily on our doorsteps that can help us to make this an easy sustainable living switch.

Benefits of using coffee beans for beauty purposes

  • Crushed coffee beans are a natural exfoliant and therefore using products with this as an exfoliant base is better for our environment and much more sustainable.
  • Coffee beans will release caffeine when they rub into your skin, which is claimed by beauty experts to boost the circulation in your skin cells, to give you that radiant look after your face scrub.
  • They work amazingly well! Trust me, this is a great exfoliant and I’d say worked much better than any chemical version I have used in the past. Natural is definitely the way forward.
  • Well… it’s coffee! It smells amazing and will give you that buzz you need to get you through the next late night with your little one.

Lush pots recycling scheme

Before I go, I should mention that Lush have a fantastic recycle scheme that I totally didn’t know before using this product, so I thought it was worth sharing it. Firstly all their pots are made from 100% recycled plastic – that’s a great start to becoming more sustainable. But for me the other massive plus point for Lush as a brand overall is that they encourage you to reuse the pot, for example refill it with a product or use as a mini plant pot in your bathroom? Or alternatively take the pot back to a Lush store and it will be recycled via their scheme to make a new product for someone else. It’s these little touches that make a big difference to becoming more sustainable that previously I hadn’t really appreciated.

So could you make the switch to a more sustainable face or body exfoliant? Give it a try and buy this Lush Cup O’Coffee exfoliating face mask. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

*Note: this post includes affiliated links, however all opinions are my own.

One thought on “Tired mama? Lush Cup O’Coffee face mask to the rescue!

  1. Sounds fun! I used UpCircle’s coffee based products and find them amazing – they have a brilliant coffee oil face oil, and both face and body scrubs using reclaimed coffee grounds. I love the smell of coffee, so any excuse to add it to another area of my life!

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