Top things to do with a newborn

Well first things first, congratulations on your newborn baby! Having just had a baby myself, I’ve been out and about trying to find ways to spend my days with my little one. Whilst there are a mountain of places to take slightly older children the question for me was where should I take my newborn? So here’s my list of things I’ve found great for me.

  1. Park Days
    There are some beautiful parks around Hertfordshire and the rest of the UK to explore. If your newborn is kicking off, they are great to walk around whilst the motion of the pram or carrier will settle your baby fairly quickly. Peace and quiet whilst also some light exercise – ideal!
  2. A Cheeky Pub
    If with your partner, friends or family, we often have found ourselves as a local pub. Heck, our baby has probably had the pleasure of going to most pubs in Hertfordshire by the time he was 6 weeks old!! A nice cosy place for baby and sociable place for mum. Perfect!
  3. Baby Classes
    I’ll be writing more about these as I experience more over the coming weeks and months. Check out your local family centre for some great classes near you. Some are free or as little as £1.50, with many not requiring any booking. Others you have to get a little more prepared for – next week I’m starting a Hartbeeps class with my baby so I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how that goes! Meet other mums for a chance to speak to someone who will actually talk back to you during your day.
  4. Swimming
    Once your baby is over 8 weeks and have had those all important injections, you can take them to the swimming baths or to a baby swimming class. The tips I’ve heard is to do it early so they don’t forget what it’s like to go underwater (like I suppose they were in the womb). So get your best breastfeeding swimming costume at the ready and get swimming!
  5. The Shops Are Calling!
    After many months of wearing maternity clothes, I loved just browsing the shops (with the occasional purchase!!). Okay so it could end up expensive if you don’t control your spending, but hey – you deserve it after you’ve been through child birth!
  6. Settle In A Cafe
    When out at the shops in town, one of the first things I learnt was cafes are your best friend – offering a much needed seat for feeding your baba, warmth and that all important splash of caffeine to get you through the day!
  7. Baby Dates
    Find your friends who are on maternity leave or have the odd day off, or if you did the NCT class pre-baby, there’s your perfect group to meet up with. Book days out together, classes or just meet ups to get you out of the house and chat through your daily highs and lows with baby – we’ve all got them, not everything is as perfect as social media will make out, trust me!
  8. A Sing-along!
    Love a sing song? Research shows music is good for a baby’s development. I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t remember all the nursery rhymes! So why not join a local class for you to re-learn those rhymes, meet some other new mums and give your baby some amazing stimulation.

Whilst I’m only 6 weeks in with my newborn, I’ll be sure to update this post if any other days out spring to mind. How do you spend your days with your newborn? Comment below with some of your top tips, I’d love some more ideas to try out!

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