Top Sustainable Gifts for Mother’s Day 2020

Mother’s Day this year is on Sunday 22nd March 2020. A time to show your mum, grandma, god-mother or any motherly figure in your life how much you love them and are thankful for them in your life.

I’m buzzing for this Mother’s Day as it’s the first one as a mother. Now with my son being 7 months old by March I know he won’t have a clue as to what’s going on, but you can bet your bottom dollar that my husband will know the date WELL in advance!! So here’s a post to you dear husband – you have the date already and now I’m going to give you some gift ideas that you could buy from our son (and dog!) below that are all that little bit more sustainable. Hint hint!

Mother’s Day 2020 Gift Ideas

Unique Experiences

Take a look on websites like Buyagift or Red Letter Days and browse their experiences. I’d totally take a spa day, afternoon tea or family day out. Surprise me! There are thousands of experiences to choose from on these websites across the country and the best part is that these are a much more sustainable gift choice. We don’t need ‘stuff’, we need memories with our loved ones and experiences facilitate that.

Floristry Class

Let’s get specific! One of the experiences I’d love to do some day would be a floristry class. Sounds random I know but bear with me. What I’d love to do specifically is a wreath making class. Next Christmas I’d love to make my own so treating me to a class that I could use up in Autumn or Winter (pre-Christmas) would be fantastic! I’m sure there’s a company local to us that would do this sort of thing… time to get researching!

Okay I’ve done the research and found a great workshop called ‘Spring Eco Wreath‘ which is held by The Flower School in St Albans on Thursday 2nd April at 7-9pm. The details are below – and they have loads of other workshops planned for 2020 that you should check out too.

Spring Daffodil Bulbs

This is a random one, but here me out! I LOVE daffodils, they are my favourite flower but a) are only available in the Spring and b) last for such a short period of time. Some daffodil bulbs I could plant around the garden and next year in Spring get a lovely surprise when the daffodils pop up.

Pasta Making Class

Another class I really want to do is pasta making. I love the idea of being able to make fresh homemade pasta, but in all honesty have never tried to give it a go and wouldn’t know where to begin! Cooking & Carafes based in Hertfordshire have started to run pasta making workshops in Hertford at the Mill House. What a great event this would be to go to – gosh I really hope hubby is still reading this!!

Photo in an Eco-Friendly Photo Frame

In my opinion you can never have enough photos around the house! Send me a picture of my beautiful son and dog any day – I’ll cherish it forever. I’m particularly loving the wooden ‘I love mummy’ or ‘mummy & me’ photo frames. Shop easily on Amazon from £9.99 here.

Mini Herb Garden

A nice plant pot or pre-made mini herb garden would be great to provide those fresh herbs throughout the year – think dill, coriander, basil or fresh mint. Mmmm! I’d just need to make sure there is somewhere we can put it where the dog can’t get it. I guess the good thing about these mini herb gardens is that you can have outdoor or indoor options. I particularly love this wooden one which would look fantastic on our kitchen windowsill for £14.97.

All-Natural Bath Bombs & Bath Products

One of the greatest treats as a husband that you can give your wife is the opportunity for ‘me time’. There are so many all-natural bath bombs and bath products that are made from natural ingredients that don’t include chemicals or preservatives. Bring on the pamper time – pure heaven!

Do you have any more nice Mother’s Day gifts you’d like to add to this? Comment below, I’m always willing to update the post if I have some good suggestions.

*Note: Links in this post are Amazon Affiliated, although all opinions are my own.

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