Bye baby wipes, hello Little Gubbins microfibre reusable wipes!

When you have a baby, there are two products you suddenly realise you need loads of. These are of course nappies and baby wipes! More so now as we are in the process of weaning, baby wipes are by my side throughout the day to take care of all the mess and dribble that any parent knows occurs! But not only that, baby wipes are continuously a hot topic as they can cause a lot of problems with parents flushing them down the toilet, which of course is a big no-no!

After 6 months of using the usual baby wipes of multiple different brands, I decided it was time to take action and test a re-useable baby wipe. Some of my questions included, are they as efficient as a baby wipe? Are they easy to clean as I don’t have time to do more than chuck them in the wash? Are they okay for my baby’s skin and won’t cause rash’s etc? Can they be used on the go?

Introducing Little Gubbins microfibre baby wipes

With plenty of research online, I decided to go for the Little Gubbins microfibre baby wipes as they had been nominated by the ‘Made For Mums’ awards and have actually just won a Silver award for best baby wipe in 2020. Hurrah!

Plus they had great reviews already from similar environmentally-friendly mums, which was important for me that they were well rated as I don’t want to use just any product on my baby. Importantly it states on the box that the Little Gubbins cloths are good for baby’s face or hands, but not for the bum as they are made from microfibre materials. Given this is a first try to reusable wipes, this sounded like a great first step to me.

Little Gubbins microfibre baby wipes review

I was super pleased with the Little Gubbins microfibre cloths and they are a great alternative to baby wipes. I found they got rid of all the grub and dribble easily from my baby and could be used wet or dry so I always tend to wet in warm water when at home, but on the go, I know I can easily clean up with a dry cloth too. After wiping baby’s face and hands, I also have been using to wipe down the highchair.

I loved the fact the cloths came with a laundry bag, or alternatively could be used for storage in the kitchen. Given the amount of washing you need to do for a baby, they are easy to chuck in with the rest of the clothes so I always have a clean cloth ready. You can’t add softener to your wash as this will ruin the absorbency of the cloths, but I tend to use the Fairy non-bio capsules only when doing baby clothes. There are 20 cloths in the pack that I bought from Amazon for £12.99 and this came with the free laundry bag too. So I’m definitely not going to run out anytime soon!

Having used for a couple of weeks now, I am confident the wipes don’t cause any rashes to my son and I’m really happy with how they perform against the traditional disposable baby wipe.

Benefits of microfibre baby wipes

  • Super soft for use on your baby’s sensitive skin
  • Nice and absorbent to clean up a variety of mess that comes your way daily!
  • Reduces the expense paid on disposable baby wipes which over the years will be a considerable saving!
  • Helping the environment as you just chuck straight into the wash rather than throw away
  • Can use wet or dry so easy for on the go and whilst travelling
  • Multiple uses as after children you can continue to use them as cleaning cloths or I may also try to use them as a make up remover cloth – win win!

Becoming Green top tip!

Given there are 4 different coloured cloths in the pack, I am going to associate each one with a different use. Some will be for wiping up at the highchair after eating, others will be for on-the-go for dribble etc and I will try using another lot for wiping baby down when we don’t have time for a full bath as this would also be useful. The forth use – yet to be discovered but given they are so versatile I have many options – perhaps I will take the pink ones for myself as part of my beauty routine – watch this space!

So overall, I’d give the reusable baby wipes a big thumbs up, and in particular the Little Gubbins cloths. I think it’s such a small change to your routine but one that can make such a big impact to the environment overall – so for me this is a no brainer swap. Becoming Green has officially started! Watch this space for more reviews and posts of our greener choices.

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*Note: Links in this post are Amazon Affiliated, although products have been honestly reviewed.

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