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Becoming Green has started as very much a personal journey. My name is Katie, a 30 something wife and mum of one gorgeous 6 month old boy and handsome dog.

It sounds cliche, but becoming a mum has really changed my view points on a lot of things. The most significant one for me being that I want to learn how to change my habits to become a more sustainable individual. In turn I hope to carry this over to my home life, my family and hopefully my boy will pick up on these ways of living to grow up as a more sustainable person. That’s the ultimate goal anyway!

With any changes, it takes a while for these new ways of living to stick. So what I’d like to do is start my becoming green journey with some small steps. That way I can see what works and really try and uphold a sustainable way of living for the future. What sorts of small steps I hear you say? I’m thinking initially there are some easy changes, so instead of face wipes or face exfoliators I am going to look at alternatives. The amount of baby wipes we go through now is also crazy so looking for solutions to some of these things will be a massive change to the way my family live and in turn we’ll be helping the planet in the process.

So I look forward to you starting on this journey with me. I will be reviewing all the products I try out so that if you’re thinking of doing the same, you will know what has worked for me, or equally what hasn’t and may not be worth your money experimenting with.

Join me in my journey in Becoming Green. We will be on Instagram and Facebook shortly for more regular updates on our sustainable living progress.

Speak soon!


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